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* The function of a library has changed since the current library was built nearly 40 years ago.  Today's libraries must be accessible to all (Americans with Disabilities Act).  Our current library does NOT meet ADA guidelines for accessibility.

*  Another function of libraries is to provide technology for patrons to access even more information than the bound book collection can provide.  Currently we only have four public computers in one small area; our future plans include expanding computer availability for the public.

*  The planning process for a future new library began in January of 2013 with the hiring of noted library planning consultant George Lawson.  He then did a comprehensive study of the current library's situation, including a needs assessment and a space needs assessment.  This led to the formation of a plan for a proposed new facility.  His report was received by the Library Board of Trustees in August of 2013, who then voted to present it to the City Council for review.

  • Voluntary patron surveys were conducted in December, 2012 and January 2014.  Comments revealed the need for more space for programming, more computer space, more meeting room space, and more quiet reading areas.
  • In a public form on Feb. 5, 2014, the same comments were made, as well as the need for a future facility that isn't on a busy street, where crossing from parking and adjacent streets isn't as dangerous for both children and adults.  Other comments were made about being sure the library is safely and easily accessible for kids after school school and on early out days.